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India's First Artisanal Ciders & Perries



Our Variants


A clear and sparkling, light-amber liquid with a faint head is how Siqera Apple Cider first meets the eye. What follows is a distinct burst of the aromas of Fuji, Golden delicious & McIntosh apples, and hint of spices like pepper.


And finally rounds off to a semi-sweet medium-bodied cider which bursts with fruity and tart flavours on your palate, then dries it and leaves a warm aftertaste of alcohol reminding you that it’s time for another sip.

Colour: Light amber

Type: Sparkling

Style: Semi-sweet with Medium body

Alcohol: 9% ABV

Serving Temperature: 2 - 4° C


Creating a new culture



This golden straw cider is an official heralding by the ‘King of Fruits’ and it's a playful Indian twist on traditional ciders. This clear and sparkling cider made from Alphonso mangoes, takes you on a nostalgic trip to mango orchards with it's aromas of semi-ripe mangoes.

A sip is both fruity and tart just like the first mango of the season leading to a dry palate and lingering warmness of alcohol to round it up. With Siqera Mango Cider, it’s Summer

all year round!

Colour: Golden straw

Type: Sparkling

Style: Semi-sweet with Medium body

Alcohol: 9% ABV

Serving Temperature: 2 - 4° C



The story of this intriguing colour begins with the humble pear. The pot-bellied fruit is extracted into a perry which serves as a base for farm-fresh jamuns.


The smooth, silky sweetness of the pear combines with the tart richness of jamun to create a singular experience.

This unique Indian twist to a perry is something signature to Siqera’s repertoir and unlike anything you would find anywhere in the world!

Colour: Rose pink

Type: Sparkling

Style: Tart, semi-sweet

Alcohol: 6% ABV

Serving Temperature: 2 - 4° C



This clear, tropical perry is like sipping on a sunset. At first it’s all about the pear—sweet and velvety. But the delicious hit of the guava isn’t far behind. This is a dance choreographed just for your tongue.

You start getting into the rhythm of things. The music sounds great. Conversations flow like water. So you crack open another because this party just got a whole lot more interesting!

Colour: Clear

Type: Sparkling

Style: Tropical, Tangy

Alcohol: 6% ABV

Serving Temperature: 2 - 4° C



State of the art eco winery

The heart of our operations and company’s soul is our winery.  This is where all the magic happens. Located in IMT Manesar just a half hour drive away from Gurugram.

This is where our wine makers craft fruit juices and pulps into delicious Siqera with hand-picked champagne yeast strains. It is then left to ferment for a few weeks at ambient controlled temperature and environment in our custom-made and self-designed stainless-steel fermentation tanks before maturing it to perfection in the ‘maturation tanks’.

And finally, they are then filtered and quickly bottled to make sure that our customers get fresh, aromatic and crystal-clear cider/perry with every single batch.

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